Freestanding shelters

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We all worked together building an awesome mud slide

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Campfire cooking

Preparing and cooking pizza and damper bread on the fire.

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Today we ventured into the woods to create some microhabitats suited to the minibeasts we were simultaneously on the look out for. The children had to consider where their microhabitat was going to be situated, based on which minibeast they were making it for. The results were fantastic!

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Today we continued our search for minibeasts and found that we didn’t have to look far to find a wealth of creatures. We explored our Willowbank and pond, to see where the minibeasts choose to call home and why. We took time to sketch the habitats, which we will be using to help us create dioramas in science .

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Fossil Hunting in Lyme Regis

Class Two had an amazing opportunity this week to go to Lyme Regis and experience fossil hunting on the Jurassic coast!

We started off in the Lyme Regis Museum and began our trip in Mary Anning’s own house, where she used to work on the incredible ‘curiosities’ that she would find on the beach as a child. We also spent some time in the Geology Room, where the children were able to explore the fossils and the finds that changed the way that people saw the world in the early 1800s.

As if that wasn’t enough, we were then taken down to the beach by a very knowledgeable guide and the children were able to do exactly what Mary Anning used to do, exactly where she used to do it. The children found everything from the famous ammonite to fossilised plants over 200 million years old, all of the children getting to take them home. What a fantastic day!

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Year 2 STEM Fair

The Year Twos explored all things Science at the Tiverton Museum. The children took part in a range of activities and had to work together to complete the challenges inside 15 minutes. Before completing the challenge, we were given the opportunity to learn about the science behind it from the museum displays and exhibitions.

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Dinosaur Artwork

Class 2 worked really hard to sketch a dinosaur and add colour using oil pastel and watercolour paint. We did lots of research into dinosaurs before begin our sketching, looking at line, shape and texture. We used our knowledge of colour mixing to create the shades of colour we desired.

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Fractions Picnic

In Year 2 we had a picnic to help with our understanding about fractions. We had to think about sharing the food we had into half and quarters. We had to think about how many equal parts or groups we needed to share the food into and how to record it as a fraction.

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Young Palaeontologists!

This week, Class Two have really enjoyed being young Palaeontologists! We have been exploring the skeletons of a range of dinosaurs and following instructions to assemble our own miniature models.

We have also spent time looking at how fossils are formed and how we know so much about dinosaurs. We had our own mini dig, on the hunt for signs of ancient life buried within the rock!

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