Under the sea felt backgrounds

In art this week, the children have made their own felt background.

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Under the sea art work

We used the sketches we made whilst at Plymouth Aquarium to create large under the sea scenes using oil pastel and brusho. We loved the effect of mixing the brusho colours and the way the paints resisted the oil pastels.


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Plymouth Aquarium

We had a wonderful time at Plymouth Aquarium. We had an interactive tour with an expert who told us interesting facts about the sea creatures and their habitats. We then had two workshops – Plastic Oceans where we learnt about what fish eat and explored squid (it was a bit smelly!), and Habitat Hats where we designed hats based on a habitat we had seen on the tour.

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Colour Wheel Mixing

In Art this week we learnt about the colour wheel including the primary, secondary and tertiary colours. We explored using the primary colours to mix to create the other colours using paint. We enjoyed then discussing which colours were the hot and cold colours.

Next week we are looking forward to drawing using a variety of techniques.

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Making our own tepees

Class 2 have had a busy week this week. On Monday, we created and designed our own miniature Native American tepees. 

On Tuesday, we carried out a science investigation in order to found out what the best material would be for  Native American’s to build a tepee out of. Giving Class 2 some similar results.

Every Friday this half term, Class 2 have been having gymnastic sessions. Within these sessions they have been learning how to do different stretches, jumps, rolls and have also learnt how to use different pieces of apparatus.

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Appledore Book Festival, visit from John Dougherty

We had a visit from, John Dougherty, a children’s book author. John engaged us with his songs and read from ‘Stinkbomb and Ketchup Face’ and ‘There’s a Pig up my Nose’.

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Native American Indian learning

We had a great start to the term with our Native American immersion day. We used our forest school skills to make bows and arrows, pick axes, dream catchers and headdresses.


We also had a fantastic day visiting RHS Gardens, Rosemoor. We had the amazing opportunity to not only learn about rocks and soils but to investigate the different pH levels of them. We enjoyed being able to walk around the gardens after the workshop, looking at all the different fruits and vegetables and plants that they have there.

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Minibeast Medley

Class Two have worked really hard recently learning all the songs for their performance of Minibeast Medley. The children are very proud of their achievements and would like to say thank you to everyone that came to watch and support.


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Arlington Court Cross Country

Fantastic running and support at the recent cross country event.

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RHS Rosemoor Gardens

Today the sun shone on our class trip to Rosemoor to study minibeasts. We started the day with an introduction to minibeasts and ones we may find in both a woodland habitat and a pond habitat. We then went to explore the woodland area for minibeasts and used magnifiers to look at them closely.


We then moved to the ponds to look for pond life minibeasts. We used fishing nets, and white trays to collect a range of invertebrates. Then we stopped for lunch.

After lunch we walked through the woodland area on a scavenger hunt for a range of different things from a wavy edged leaf, to 3 different shades of green and a yellow petal. Once we had collected as many things as we could find, we stopped off in a flower garden to do some sketches of the different flowers we could see.

The children had a fantastic time at Rosemoor and learn a lot more about minibeasts and their distinguishing features. They coped really well in the sun and did some lovely sketches too.


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