Minibeast Medley

Class Two have worked really hard recently learning all the songs for their performance of Minibeast Medley. The children are very proud of their achievements and would like to say thank you to everyone that came to watch and support.


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Arlington Court Cross Country

Fantastic running and support at the recent cross country event.

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RHS Rosemoor Gardens

Today the sun shone on our class trip to Rosemoor to study minibeasts. We started the day with an introduction to minibeasts and ones we may find in both a woodland habitat and a pond habitat. We then went to explore the woodland area for minibeasts and used magnifiers to look at them closely.


We then moved to the ponds to look for pond life minibeasts. We used fishing nets, and white trays to collect a range of invertebrates. Then we stopped for lunch.

After lunch we walked through the woodland area on a scavenger hunt for a range of different things from a wavy edged leaf, to 3 different shades of green and a yellow petal. Once we had collected as many things as we could find, we stopped off in a flower garden to do some sketches of the different flowers we could see.

The children had a fantastic time at Rosemoor and learn a lot more about minibeasts and their distinguishing features. They coped really well in the sun and did some lovely sketches too.


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Digital Print Making

Earlier this week Class two were visited by Tanya Morel who is from the Daisi art project. She came in to work with us to create our own digital print based on our topic of Minibeasts.

To start with the children had to hand draw a minibeast of their choice, they got very creative, thinking outside of the normal garden minibeasts. Then we traced our pictures on to some foam sheets before cutting them out. We then stuck our cut out minibeasts on to a piece of A4 card to create a printing pallet.


Once the pallets were complete, it was time to start printing. Each member of class 2 had to produce 6 prints of their minibeast. The children had great fun using printing inks and rollers and Tanya was very impressed with how quickly and professionally they worked.

When the prints were dry, the children got to work on a 1:1 basis with Tanya using a laptop and a special camera. They took pictures of each print, ensuring they moved them slightly to create a movement when making their video. Tanya then took their mini videos away and added them together with music to create the final piece.

Here is the link for the final product:

Class 2 thoroughly enjoyed their day with Tanya and worked really hard to create some fabulous prints and wonderful class video of their work. Well done all.

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Making our own mallets!

We made mallets using a saw,billhook and a mallet.  We sat in the respect position and wore gloves to  keep our hands safe and worked together to instruct our partner how hard to hit the mallet.







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Making Moving Toys

The children have learnt about mechanisms, made prototypes and planned/designed their own moving toy. In today’s lesson the children were able to make their moving toy based on their plans. They had a range of resources that they could choose from and tools to help secure and adapt. The children worked really hard in this lesson and persisted even though some of them found parts tricky. Most of the children are very happy with how their final design is coming along and cant wait to take them home to show off to family friends.

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As part of our design and technology this term we are looking at a range of mechanisms, such as CAMs, pulleys and cranks, in order to make our own moving toy. Before the children can begin making their own designs we need to learn about the different mechanisms. In today’s lesson we looked further into each one, by thinking about how they work, why they might be useful in a toy and the movement that they make.

In order to understand this properly and put them into their own designs we followed some instructions to make prototypes that had one or more of these mechanisms. The whole class worked really hard in their groups and really thought about what the instructions were asking of them, as we have been looking at this in English. They discussed what mechanisms their prototypes had and how they knew, based on what we had learnt earlier in the lesson. We will be continuing to look at and make the different mechanisms during the week before planning our own designs.


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We the Curious

This week class 2 visited We the Curious in Bristol to learn more about our topic of Mighty Metals. We started the day with a workshop about forces and magnets with Eddie. We learned about friction, gravity and contact and non-contact forces. We conducted our own experiment about friction where we let a car roll down a rough and smooth ramp to see which was faster and therefore had less friction.  The children also looked at magnets and learnt about attracting and repelling which they used to sort magnetic materials.

After this we explore in the animation and tinkering zones. There we lots of practical things for us to explore. Our favorites were making ginormous bubbles, keeping discs rolling on a rotating plate and helping robots build towers with wooden bricks..

Then we went to the lunch area to have lunch. Our next adventure took us through the solar system in the planetarium. We explore the different planets and stars in 3D. We all really enjoyed this one as it felt like we were actually moving through space.

To finish our day we then explored all about us, move it, live lab and our world. In these areas we explored mechanics and how they can help to move water and all about our bodies and how amazing they are. We even got to make our own flour by using a machine to grind grains and got to milk a cow model to produce our own milk.

Class 2 had a fantastic time at We the Curious in Bristol and cant wait to learn about our topic Mighty Metals.

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Soil Investigations

This afternoon for science we studied a range of soils and whether they were acid, alkali or neutral. We started by talking about where soil comes from and learnt that it comes from rocks, but can have other things in such as sand and animals, both alive and dead.

We then put on some protective goggles before testing a couple of acids and alkalis with magic paper to see what they would do. We discovered that they changed colour to either a reddy orange or a bluey green. If they turned orange they were an acid and if they turned blue they were an alkali and if they didn’t change at all they were neutral.

We then used this knowledge to test 5 different soils to see whether they were acidic, alkaline or neutral. We put the soil into a beaker, mixed it with a little water, before filtering it through filter paper using a funnel. We then used the magic paper to test the water that had filtered through and recorded the results.

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Miniature Photography

In computing we are learning about photography. We looked at the work of Audrey Heller, who does miniature photography. Most of this work is little figures taking on activities or tasks within our environment. Here are some examples of her work:

We looked closely at these and studied how uses her camera.

We used a range of small world toys, duplo and lego characters to create our own photographs.


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