Clay Christmas Trees

The Year Two worked with potter Taz Pollard, who came in to help them create some beautiful clay Christmas trees. Each of the designs were completely unique and the children were very happy with the results. They can’t wait to paint them!

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‘Beauty and the Beast’ and Exeter Cathedral trip

Class Two had a lovely day in Exeter with Class One, watching ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at the Northcott Theatre and visiting the beautiful Exeter Cathedral!

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Christingle Service

Class Two took part in a beautiful Christingle service in the church on Tuesday. The children had time to make their own Christingle, giving them a chance to discuss the meaning of it and its components. We then took time to reflect on what it represents and how we can help others.

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Autumn Craft

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Class Two Artwork

Class Two have been creating these wonderful pieces of artwork, using the Brusho technique; each piece is completely unique! Once it had dried, the children were able to draw on the beautifully intricate Rangoli patterns that they have been working so hard on in class.

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Year 3 Tennis Tournament

Year 3 took part in a tennis tournament at Tarka Tennis and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They each played a number of matches, as individuals, against other schools and their confidence grew as the day went on. They showed exemplary sportsmanship from start to finish!

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Class 2 – Air Extreme

For the children, Air Extreme is one of the highlights of the week! Catching them in motion is, evidently, a challenge.

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Class 2 – Diwali

Class 2 have really enjoyed all of the activities that we have done surrounding Diwali!

We have been making coconut burfi, diva lamps, creating mehndi hand designs and putting our art skills to work when creating intricate Rangoli designs!

Coconut Burfi!


Mehndi hand designs!

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Watercolour Observation Painting

Today Class 2 learned how to use watercolour paints to recreate the leaves that we collected from the secret garden.

We looked carefully at the shape and colour of the leaves. We had a go at mixing colour palettes to match and explore using the brush to create lines of different thickness.

We went on to paint leaves using the colour palettes we had mixed and then used black pen to highlight the lines that we observed.

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Harvest Tango

We had lots of fun learning ‘Harvest Tango’. We hope that you enjoy singing along with us!

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