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Roman Baths

Posted by on November 4, 2017

At the beginning of the week class 2 took a trip to Bath to visit thee Roman Baths in order to kick start our topic, I am warrior, where we will be focusing on the Romans.

We started the day with a trip around Bath the see the city, and it was beautiful. In particular we enjoyed Parade park and some of the flower beds and statues, also the amazing cathedral that stands just next to the baths. After a walk around the city, we stopped for some lunch before starting our afternoon in the baths.

After lunch, we started a workshop within the baths, where we split into three groups. One group looked at Roman clothing and even got the chance to dress up. We found out that boys wear tunics and togas, where as girls wear tunics, scarves and belts.

The second group looked deeper into Roman mosaics and the patterns, pictures and stories that are represented within them. They had a go at making their own using magnetic tiles and whiteboards. Some of the designs looked fantastic.

The final group looked at Roman buildings and how they had dramatically changed from the Celts who were around before. We saw some real Roman bricks and saw how similar they are to our houses.

After the workshop we explore the baths and the routine the Romans would follow. In the great bath, we got to meet a Roman man, who spoke to us about the baths, slaves and the use of limestone.

We had a fantastic day and are really looking forward to learning more about the Romans.



3 Responses to Roman Baths

  1. Aime Bown

    I loved the green bath

  2. emilygoodleigh

    I loved the geat bath at the roman bath

  3. Emily goodleigh

    I loved it and it was fun but the only thing that could have been funny 😁,

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