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Soil Investigations

Posted by on March 14, 2018

This afternoon for science we studied a range of soils and whether they were acid, alkali or neutral. We started by talking about where soil comes from and learnt that it comes from rocks, but can have other things in such as sand and animals, both alive and dead.

We then put on some protective goggles before testing a couple of acids and alkalis with magic paper to see what they would do. We discovered that they changed colour to either a reddy orange or a bluey green. If they turned orange they were an acid and if they turned blue they were an alkali and if they didn’t change at all they were neutral.

We then used this knowledge to test 5 different soils to see whether they were acidic, alkaline or neutral. We put the soil into a beaker, mixed it with a little water, before filtering it through filter paper using a funnel. We then used the magic paper to test the water that had filtered through and recorded the results.

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