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We the Curious

Posted by on April 26, 2018

This week class 2 visited We the Curious in Bristol to learn more about our topic of Mighty Metals. We started the day with a workshop about forces and magnets with Eddie. We learned about friction, gravity and contact and non-contact forces. We conducted our own experiment about friction where we let a car roll down a rough and smooth ramp to see which was faster and therefore had less friction.  The children also looked at magnets and learnt about attracting and repelling which they used to sort magnetic materials.

After this we explore in the animation and tinkering zones. There we lots of practical things for us to explore. Our favorites were making ginormous bubbles, keeping discs rolling on a rotating plate and helping robots build towers with wooden bricks..

Then we went to the lunch area to have lunch. Our next adventure took us through the solar system in the planetarium. We explore the different planets and stars in 3D. We all really enjoyed this one as it felt like we were actually moving through space.

To finish our day we then explored all about us, move it, live lab and our world. In these areas we explored mechanics and how they can help to move water and all about our bodies and how amazing they are. We even got to make our own flour by using a machine to grind grains and got to milk a cow model to produce our own milk.

Class 2 had a fantastic time at We the Curious in Bristol and cant wait to learn about our topic Mighty Metals.

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