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Author Archives: nstringer

Soil Investigations

This afternoon for science we studied a range of soils and whether they were acid, alkali or neutral. We started by talking about where soil comes from and learnt that it comes from rocks, but can have other things in such as sand and animals, both alive and dead. We then put on some protective … Continue reading »

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Miniature Photography

In computing we are learning about photography. We looked at the work of Audrey Heller, who does miniature photography. Most of this work is little figures taking on activities or tasks within our environment. Here are some examples of her work: We looked closely at these and studied how uses her camera. We used a … Continue reading »

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Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic

We explored different rocks to determine whether they were igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic. We used starburst sweets to explore the rock cycle, and how the rocks can change between the three types. We were shown how an igneous rock is formed by the cooling of magma, but then we all created our own sedimentary rocks … Continue reading »

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Arlington Court

We took a school trip to Arlington court to explore the grounds using maps, compasses and GPS systems. We developed our map reading skills by finding letters that were hidden around the grounds, using a map of Arlington court as a guide. Once we had collected those letters it made the word volcano for a … Continue reading »

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To kick start our topic, tremors, we have been looking at volcanoes this afternoon. We looked at how they are formed, the different types  from around the world and how they work. We watched a video showing us erupting volcanoes before the children had a go at making their own. We use a bottle and … Continue reading »

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Skeletal system

We learned about the skeletal system of humans and other animals. We looked at similarities and differences between animal skeletons then drew around a friend to create their skeleton and discussed the three functions of a skeleton: movement, protection and structure. Then we used this knowledge to create our own skeletons out of cotton buds … Continue reading »

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Paignton Zoo

We visited Paignton Zoo to learn more about animals. We had the chance to handle some artefacts the zoo had collected from the animals they look after. We saw a huge range of animals around the zoo from elephants and rhinos to snakes and geckos. We really enjoyed seeing the large range of animals and watching … Continue reading »

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Fascinating food chains

We learned about food chains, using the vocabulary producer, prey and predator. Then we created some art to demonstrate our knowledge. We used brusho to create the vivid colours and bring our animals to life.

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Roman Shields

We have been looking at the Romans as part of our topic, and looked further into the Roman soldiers. We concentrated on their shields and what the different designs meant, finding that elements were for the Roman Gods. With this knowledge, we designed our own shields, thinking about incorporating the elements we had studied. We … Continue reading »

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Whole School Art Project

On Tuesday the children had the chance to create some art for a whole School project run by Cara Patterson. The children were first taken up to the church to gather ideas as a whole school on what would look best. Then in the afternoon, class 2 had to play their part. we thought of … Continue reading »

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