Children’s comments on the Devon Air Ambulance

Within our computing lessons, the children have been looking at logging on and off safely and have been starting to looking at commenting on the school blog.

I am asking the children to comment a fact below that they have learnt about the Devon Air ambulance over the last 2 weeks.

Hopefully we should have a lovely array of comments and facts from the Devon Air Ambulance.

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Navigating the school blog

In our computing lesson today, we looked again at how to log on to the computer corrrectly and load up the Google web page. From there, we typed to find the Goodleigh School website, in order to look at the class blogs.

We all managed this successfully and enjoyed reading some of the blogs, that had already been posted, especially the video ones. We will use this knowledge again next week to help log onto the class blog and comment on blogs that have already been published within the school website.

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Devon Air Ambulance Visit

On Monday Captain Dan Smith, a pilot with the Devon Air Ambulance came to visit Class 2. As part of our local heroes we are looking at the Devon Air Ambulance. We had lots of questions to ask him so that we can create our own fact books. We found out that it can take 20 minutes instead of 2 hours to get to the hospital if a patient goes by helicopter. We had a good look at his helmet to find out how he communicates with people on the ground and in the air.

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Everyday materials

We started by going out to the secret garden and playground to source objects and identify their materials.


When we returned to the classroom we shared what we had found and the materials they were made from. Then we spoke about how we knew which material it was made from using key scientific words such as waterproof, transparent, absorbent, rough, shiny and smooth.


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Making Minibeasts

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Investigating Minibeasts


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Bug Hotel

In Forest School we have started building our bug hotel. So far we have work together to make the structure. Come back to find out how it progresses!

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Magical Gnomes and Funny Faces!

We learned how to whittle a point on a stick using a knife then turned our sticks in to gnomes!




We also improved our hammering skills by making funny faces out of wood.

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Class 2 Sports Day June 2017

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Dinosaur Soundscapes!

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